AFJS Thermal Drones Campaign

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support over the past four months in our various emergency campaigns to provide essential tactical equipment for our IDF soldiers and to assist evacuated families from the north and south.

As the war progresses towards a total IDF victory over Hamas, AFJS is trying to get the soldiers fighting on the front lines the essential equipment they need to achieve that victory.

Right now, there has been a request from the troops to assist in acquiring thermal drones. The drones serve as the eyes of the soldiers monitoring houses and other buildings to make sure civilians aren’t in the area, so that the troops can advance in their mission successfully and safely.

At the same time soldiers use the built in speakers on the drones to inform civilians they must leave the areas they are located, when the soldiers are in pursuit of the terrorists.

These are such important pieces of equipment, and we need more of them for our heroes.

Each thermal drone costs $8,000. Please partner with us, in order to get the drones to the IDF units, which need them the most. Donations towards the drones are tax-deductible - 501(c)3, via AFJS.