AFJS Activities

Educate the public about what is really happening in Judea & Samaria

Sovereignty movement “Ribonut”

The ambiguity over who is sovereign in Judea & Samaria has created both domestic and international harm to the State of Israel.

The international community didn’t seem bothered too much by Jordan’s illegal occupation of Judea & Samaria from 1949-1967, but when Jordan was evicted from the region by Israel after the 6-Day War, and Israel established a presence throughout the region without effectively declaring sovereignty, Israel opened the door to international condemnation.

The lack of clear Israeli sovereignty in Judea & Samaria has created real damage to Israel’s well being – from a national security perspective, to international diplomacy, to its identity as the Jewish state.

That ambiguity has led many to think of the West Bank as a kind of “Wild West” where there is no clear governance or rule of law. This does tremendous harm the Israelis and the Arabs who live in the region.

AFJS will educate the public on both the damage that the lack of Israel sovereignty does to the State of Israel and how the application of sovereignty will benefit all who live in the region, and the State of Israel.

New construction

Judea & Samaria is constantly growing. It has among the highest birth-rates in the country and as such is consistently in need of the expansion of housing and other development needs AFJS will educate the public on completed, under development and planned projects, demonstrating the vibrancy of the Jewish presence in Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley.

AFJS will educate the public about these and other topics as they relate to Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley.

Supporting long term strategic planning for the development of Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley

Despite the fact that it was only 19 years (1948-1967) that Israel did not have a presence in Judea & Samaria, the region has consistently suffered from significant underdevelopment. The Israeli government's master plans for development and the investment of major infrastructure typically avoided this region.

Recently, that attitude has begun to change. Slowly, master plans are now being developed throughout the region for mass transit, expansion of roads, improvement of water, electricity infrastructure, the development of industrial parks business parks as well investments to protect the environment.

AFJS is committed to facilitating the development strategic master plans to facilitate residential and commercial development that benefits all of the residents in Judea & Samaria.

Developing agricultural projects in Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley

Just like in Biblical times when Judea & Samaria were the home of many farms, shepherds, and orchards, AFJS will provide support the development of these type of sustainable farming and agricultural ventures that will preserve the integrity and security of the land.

AFJS leadership missions to Israel

AFJS arranges leadership missions to Judea & Samaria.
The missions are designed to give a behind the scenes understanding of the current situation in Judea & Samaria and will include meetings with senior officials in the Cabinet, Knesset, Mayors of Judea & Samaria, IDF, as well as business leaders and social services in Judea & Samaria.

The trip will also include a winery or two and some unique Biblical sites and will leave participants with a greater understanding of both the challenges and opportunities that are facing the Israeli residents of Judea & Samaria.

AFJS hosting Judea & Samaria representatives in the US

AFJS will also facilitate Israeli leaders from Judea & Samaria to visit communities in the US and present their reality to American audiences.

AFJS helps to guarantee a growing secure Israeli presence in Judea & Samaria

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